O'Brien Lab

How to Join the Group

The O’Brien Lab is always on the lookout for creative and tenacious individuals from all educational levels to join us in discovering new knowledge.

For post-doctoral scholars. Post-docs interested in carrying out research in the O’Brien Lab should email their CV and an explanation of why they are interested in joining to Dr. O’Brien at epo2@psu.edu. When funded postdoctoral positions are available in the O’Brien Lab they will be advertised online (e.g., on Nature Jobs, or CCL). However, the O’Brien Lab is always open to sponsoring graduate students near completion of their Ph.D. work for postdoctoral scholarships (such as NSF, NIH, and European agencies). In the latter case, interested students should get in touch with Dr. O’Brien at least 6 months prior to the deadline of the postdoctoral scholarship.

For graduate students. The O’Brien Lab can take graduate students from a number of different Ph.D. programs at Penn State, including the Chemistry, and Bioinformatics and Genomics programs. It is often possible for students from other doctoral programs to join the O’Brien Lab as well, provided there is an initial coordination with your home department or program. If you are interested in doing a rotation in the O’Brien Lab, or just would like to find out more information, email Dr. O’Brien at epo2@psu.edu.

For undergraduates. Undergraduates interested in carrying out research in the O’Brien Lab should email their CV to Dr. O’Brien at epo2@psu.edu. A meeting will then be setup to discuss mutual research interests. As research projects take a good deal of time and effort to complete, a minimum 1.5 year commitment (3 semesters) is expected from undergraduates joining the O’Brien Lab, with the strong encouragement to also carry out summer research in the group. You will initially be paired up with a senior lab member to collaboratively work on a project, as this will allow you to gain the relevant working knowledge. After this period, you will be given your own independent project in which the senior lab member with guide and supervise you.